FAQ – Office Fruits

How can we order for our company?

You may send us a query via our contact page  or call our office at 63361775 to inquire about what we can do for your company.

We need a regular a delivery for my company

We do regular deliveries for many of our clients. You can email us with the fruits that you would like delivered, or call us on  63361775 and talk with our customer service who will take down your details and our service manager will be able to get you all set up.

Why should we have fruit for the office?

There are many benefits of having fresh fruit available to all staff on a daily basis. Our current clients that have daily deliveries have shown that its helps to motivate, increase job satisfaction, acting as a fantastic alternative to snacks and rubbish food, saving on unnecessary ‘runs to the shops’, making all employees feel valued by their company and most importantly creating a healthy workplace and environment.

You can have a few trial orders and see how it affects your team or organization.

Is there a minimum order?

Yes there is a minimum order of $50, however contact us and we’ll try to see how we can manage your order within your budget.

How often can we have delivery?

We arrange delivery from Monday to Friday

Are your fruits Organic?

We do have access to Organic fruits, but supply is very limited and in guaranteed quantities. Price may not be as competitive as non-Organic fruits. We do source fruits from farms that do not use industrial pesticides.

How do we pay?

You will receive your invoices at the end of every month. Clients are given 14 days credit term – depending on credit review, and the company reserves the right to reduce the credit term if necessary.

Refund Policy

We believe in giving our clients 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. If you are dissatisfied with your fruit, we will be more than happy to offer you an alternative or full refund if its due to the fruit quality delivered.

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