Free Fruit in the Office raises overall Fruit Intake

August 24, 2013 in Fruits

healthy vs unhealthyThis medical journal  supports our belief that getting companies to start our Ambrosia Ventures Fruit Box solutions is PARAMOUNT in getting Singaporeans on the path towards a healthier lifestyle and thereby being a more productive and healthier employee. We at Ambrosia Ventures is beginning this revolution to change the options people have in their office pantries, office drawers (and even secret stashes of snacks and instant noodles).

Its always easier to cave in to that craving for a chocolate, candy, a sugar laden chocolate chip cookie or get a oily deep fried snack like a skewer of fishballs or a curry puff, but imagine what it does to your health in increasing the visceral fat in your body, which is ultimately damaging to your health.

Stop giving in to your cravings for your cigarette, coffee, sugar laden carbonated drinks and juices and start on your path for a healthier tomorrow for yourself and your family (not just your company – that’s just a bonus).