Workplace Stress – Natural Remedies

August 24, 2013 in Fruits

Workplace StressStress in the workplace is nothing new. Everyone deals with stress, employees, senior management, its part of life. It is often how we handle this stress, and not buckling under it is most crucial.

Very often when people are stressed or wanting to take a break the smokers will go for a smoke break, non-smokers will go and get a drink, often a coffee, tea or some caffeinated carbonated drink.

When the body is in a stressed condition, adding further shocks like caffeine ¬†causes a synergistic negative effect on the body, by raising the heart rate, and blood pressure, thereby causing further stress on the body. A study done by Duke University Medical Center shows that¬†Caffeine’s Effects are Long-Lasting and Compound Stress. So when you are thinking of reaching for that caffeine laden beverage, think again – it might not be the best thing for you.

At Ambrosia Ventures we offer Office Fruits freshly delivered to you. Instead of a coffee or tea, why not choose an apple, orange or even strawberries. The antioxidants in these fruits is just what you need to help combat that work stress you are feeling. Looking for more interesting ways to engage your colleagues in workplace health? Speak to us and we might be able to help.